Kim has a servant's heart to make a difference wherever she goes.

Kim loves God, life and people.



She was ordained as a minister by Pastors James and Joyce Watterman of Continuous Flow Christian Center in Jersey City, New Jersey where she served in the music ministry and on the ministerial staff. Kim loves worshiping God, singing, dancing, laughing and watching basketball–her favorite sport. She believes that God wants us to live a balanced life–the abundant life that God's word speaks about. Kim has always been known for being very active in the church and in the community. Whether with the homeless, the hungry, or the hurting, Kim Whyatt ministers to everyone.

God Stalkers

Kim Whyatt | God Stalkers

Kim is a powerful preacher and teacher of the word of God to believers at every stage of their Christian walk. She is the co-founder of God Stalkers, an online Bible study that meets weekly. Designed for "pathological Christ followers" and those who want to seek God with all their hearts, Kim sees God Stalkers as a practical way to provide impactful teaching in a format that is easily distributed around the world and accessible to everyone. She makes sure that in every session, participants have the opportunity to ask questions, share their insights, and pray for one another. Join for free at


Kim Whyatt | Family

Kim Whyatt was born in Dillon, South Carolina. She has loved God from a child and at a young age she joined New Jerusalem Holy Church of God. She is the wife of retired Jersey City Police Office, James T. Whyatt. Kim and her husband moved to the state of Georgia in 2017, where she continues to serve her family, the church and the community. She is a proud mother, grandmother, sister and friend. She believes that since God values family and friends, it is important to remember to serve them as she serves others. Kim often says, "When we learn to love like God, we will do amazing things."